Connection of the servers

Connection of the virtual dedicated servers, root servers and dedicated servers

Rent Dedicated Servers with 1.000 MBit connection and benefit from the own infrastructure of the data centers at our location in Germany. All dedicated and virtual server products are excellently connected with 1.000 MBit. Regardless of how much data transfer is used, an available bandwidth of up to 300 MBit is guaranteed. For guaranteed bandwidths of up to 1,000 MBit the monthly data transfer volume (peak traffic) mentioned below is available. If more than the included data volume is needed per month, additional peak bandwidth can be booked for 1 € per TB and month. The Fair-Flat data transfer model is included in the price of each server and is suitable for a demanding use of the server with normal traffic behaviour. Due to the flexibility of the Fair-Flat model, the full bandwidth can also be used.

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