Information about your Data Center

Where are my servers?

Your dedicated server from has found its home, more than 2,500 sq. mts. of data center area with the highest security standards. 12,500 servers can be found within these superbly infrastructured datacenters.

What conditions does the datacenter provide?

Datacenters offer maximum protection and best infrastructure for dedicated servers from, that means for your server!

To the right, a glance at the advantages.

The dedicated root server will find the their greatest possible protection from outside interference. In addition, the root servers benefit with great access from the excellent infrastructure of the operator.

Reliability through its own infrastructure

Annular connection on the 10kV network

Up to 10 kW connected load per m² of datacenter space

UPS and emergency power plants to bridge power from outages

Fuel storage for prolonged energy supply failures

Dual design supply lines in the building

24/7 data center infrastructure monitoring with notifications to technicians

Fire protection

Layout of the rooms as fire zones

Argon gas extinguishing systems in technical and IT areas

Fire-proof cubicles design by F120 and F90

Fire detection system monitors all buildings and rooms

Security of the data centre

No location information on building

Logged entry system through card reader

Tiered access permissions

24/7 supervision by a security service

Added safety for cages and racks with number code

24/7 video surveillance of the entire site and buildings

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