Cheap IP addresses for your Server – Only 1,50 Euro a month


You can buy cheap IPv4 addresses for your dedicated Server of If the included IP address should not be enough for your server, you can rent additional IPs for your dedicated root Server anytime. Due to the fact that each dedicated Server has included an IPv& subnet on its own, we cannot supply additional extensions for it. If you have any further questions regarding our IP extensions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support.

Overview of possibility and costs for IP addresses

Up to 31 additional IPv4 addresses can be ordered per server via the customer central management. These IP addresses are available immediately after ordering. If you need further IPv4 addresses and have stating a reason, this limit can be increased by our support team. In addition, it is also possible to order IPv4 networks. In this case you also need some reasons for the increased demand of IPv4 addresses. A reason for raising the limit or applying for a separate network should have the following content:

  1. Number of required additional IP addresses
  2. Currently used IP addresses and their current use
  3. Planned use of the new IP addresses
  4. Why it is necessary for this purpose technically necessary to use other addresses.

In particular, the intended use is not accepted:

  • Search engine fraud
  • Spam / Email mass mailing
  • Web hosting, which would also be feasible via Vhosts
  • Reserving addresses

Please also note that the deployment of IPv4 networks may take up to 5 working days to complete after successful verification.

Description Setup / One time fee Price / month
Routing of an own IP network (/24 or larger) €120,00 €34.00
Additional single IPv4 address (up to 31 possible) €0,00 €1.50
Global Failover IPv4 address (up to 31 possible) can be used for Dedicated Server €0.00 €4.00
/24 Subnet – 254 usable IPv4 Adressen €85,00 €344.00
/25 Subnet – 125 usable IPv4 Adressen €85,00 €178.00
/26 Subnet – 61 usable IPv4 Adressen €85,00 €94.00
/27 Subnet – 29 usable IPv4 Adressen €85,00 €52.00
/28 Subnet – 13 usable IPv4 Adressen €85,00 €23.00
/29 Subnet – 5 usable IPv4 Adressen €85,00 €9.00

Order your Dedicated Server with cheap additional IPs!

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